Edgar Fabián Frías

Things I LOVE 

Galaxias Eternas

A mixture of performance, video, sound, and relational processes. 

The Brain Body and Being in Relationship

8 week psychoeducational, experiential, and mindfulness-based group training. 

Not Enough! Queer Music & Arts Festival 

Grassroots project-based movement promoting health, creativity, and resiliency within queer communities.

Sacred Feminine Zine

Collaborative zine, co-edited with Claire Barrera. Made by people of color, queers, and trans people. 

Latino Art Now

Formed in 2009, this group has helped foster cross generational connections between queer & Latino artists in Portland, Oregon.

Our Sacred Web

Process-based and site-specific healing modalities offered both in person and at a distance. 

Creative and Cultural Practices. Plants and Animals. Relational Aesthetics. Strength-Based and Non-Pathologizing Healing Modalities. Interpersonal Neurobiology. Neurotheology. Queer Theory. VIOLET FLAME. Feminism. Music. Languages. Taking Risks. Vulnerability. Magic. Channeling. Vision Work. Ritual. Integrative Systems Theories. Shamanism. Indigeneity. Sushi Burritos. Veganism. Carbs. Neuroimaging Research. Ecopsychology. Healing. Performance. Energy. Interdisciplinary, Process-Based and Collaborative Projects. Cycles. Mysticism. Goddess. Divine Feminine. Alchemy.  Nature. Gaia. You. 


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