sacred feminine zine

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine: A Zine by People of Color, Queers, and Trans People. 

Contributing Artists:


Rhiannon Aarons   Amalia Cardozo   Claire Barrera  

Hannah Eko  Edgar Fabian Frias   Kirk Rea   Amanda Ream

Fabian Romero    Corinne Teed    Sergio Julio Torres Barrera


Project Statement


A shift is happening. Paradigms that once guided and scaffolded our understanding of reality are being questioned, deconstructed, destroyed, and recreated. As we speak, grand macroscopic changes in the energetic balance of our planet are occurring. These changes are affecting everything from internal thought processes to systemic paradigms. All around us people, organizations, ecosystems, thoughts, beliefs, positions of power, and feelings of powerlessness are coming into question as the balance between “masculine*” and “feminine” energies merge into what some are calling “consilience.”


This zine explores the ways in which these shifting energies affect every facet of life on our planet. From the valuing and love of the body to the emergence of a culture that embraces spirituality along with science. It is my belief that this shifting is one towards consilience or of a “bringing together” or these seemingly disparate energies. We are not heading towards a more “feminine” reality, but are instead heading towards an integration of sorts. This path feels unknown and “new,” but, deep down, we are all “masculine” and “feminine.” Therefore, it is a path we know. A path we are.


*These energies do not refer to gender, sex or any concept associated with an embodied experience. Instead, they refer to abstract types of energy. “Feminine” in and of itself is a simplistic understanding of a vastly complex construct encompassing parts of our system that have been suppressed, denied, destroyed, conquered, colonized, shamed, etc. These can include but are not limited to: women, spirituality, collectivism, indigeneity, emotions, the body, our Mother Earth, paganism, creativity, fruits and vegetables, animals, interdependence, and nurturance. These parts of our system are strong, resilient, mutable, and holographic. 



Co-edited by Edgar Frias and Claire Barrera


10 Contributors


38 pages