Edgar Fabián Frías


My praxis forges bonds between people, histories, practices, and philosophies. I use my body and its presence as a bridge in-between. From this interstitial place, I make contact with others. Supporting growth, change, healing, and transformation. My passions are diverse and interdisciplinary. I trust and honor the process of life and the wisdom found within our intuition. Working within the realms of social practice, therapeutic interventions, queer theory, community organizing, performance, cultural production, and mysticism, much of my work has purposely remained undocumented and contained within special moments of exchange.



Edgar Fabián Frías was born on May 24, 1983 in Huntington Park, California. He is bilingual (English and Spanish) and bicultural (Mexican-American) with indigenous (Wixáritari) and European ancestry.

His life praxis includes: 

Therapy (registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern in California, MFTi) 

Social Practice 


Community Building 



Event Organizing 

Energy Work (Witchcraft/Mysticism/Mindfulness) 

Interdisciplinary Research